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Pre Listing Home Inspections in Beaumont, Texas

Get your home inspected today before you put it on the market! Book Pre Listing Home Inspections in Beaumont, TX by SETX Home Inspectors.

You’ve done the work. You’ve made the investment, and finally, you feel that your home is ready to be put on the market to sell. You negotiate and get a good offer and suddenly, you’re under contract. The buyer brings in an inspector, and you think; everything is good, right? No surprises are going to pop up surely. Suddenly, your hard work is reduced to nothing, as the deal slips away because of unforeseen items that you aren’t prepared to repair or take a loss on. You walk away asking yourself: “What went wrong? Why didn’t I see those things were going to be an issue?” It’s easy to blame yourself for overlooking things that either you didn’t know it was an issue, or weren’t aware it was that big of an issue to a potential buyer.

That’s why we offer Home Inspection Services for Sellers. Rewind the situation above to the time just before you put the home on the market. You bring in SETX Home Inspections and we do a thorough check of your home, the grounds around it, and the systems and components to bring to light any items that may kill or slow the deal when you’ve got a buyer in contract. We point out the items that need attention, what it will take to get them up to par, and can offer a post repair inspection to validate to any potential buyers that the issues were resolved, and resolved properly with documentation. Imagine the embarrassment and time this will save you when you can make the repairs on your timeframe, and within your budget.

Often, when the seller presents a good inspection report with the noted repairs and post repair report and follow up documentation, the buyer may even forego another inspection if they feel your inspection was done in a trustworthy fashion and they can see the repaired items for themselves. Save yourself the headache and anxiety of dealing with last minute delays and costly repairs; get your home inspected today before you put it on the market! Give us a call for a free estimate!