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Pre-Warranty Expiration Home Inspections in Beaumont, Texas

Have your home inspected by a certified professional home inspector before the home warranty runs out!

Book Pre-Warranty Expiration Inspections in Beaumont, TX by SETX Home Inspectors.

Most home buyers and even new home builders opt to have a one-year home warranty to safeguard their investment in case something goes wrong after they purchase the home. For pre-existing homes, this is a good idea, after all, because who knows how the systems have been used or maintained prior to you purchasing and using them? Has the roof started leaking, or what items are old and getting ready to fail at any moment? Consider that most home warranties cost $350-$500 per year and cover most, if not all of your home’s systems that cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace when failures occur. And if you’re like us, those items tend to fail at the worst possible time and when we are least prepared for it. Having the home warranty is a little peace of mind and it is highly recommended to have one.

Before your home warranty runs out, you should have a certified professional home inspector come out and evaluate the structure and all the components to evaluate the current condition of the items. While we can’t rub a crystal ball to foresee the future, we can make you aware of aging systems and potential concerns so you can determine if you have any new issues before the warranty runs out, or if you want to extend your warranty or not. The cost of the home warranty is a fraction of the cost to replace a critical home system. 

It is important though to fully understand what your home warranty will cover, and how it will be repaired if and when failures occur.

Doing your homework and getting a certified inspection done will help give you peace of mind; call us today!