Septic System Inspections in Beaumont TX at SETX Home Inspections

Septic System Inspection- Conventional and Aerated/Aerobic

Septic System Inspections in Beaumont, Texas

Know if the septic system of your home is working properly or if it needs to be pumped out! Book Septic System Inspections in Beaumont, TX by SETX Home Inspectors.

For Aerated/aerobic system inspections, we seek to inspect the interior of the tanks for any visible damage. We also attempt to operate the pumps and the high-level alarms to ensure the system is operating properly and the distribution system is working properly. If accessible, we will then gauge the primary holding tank to determine the sludge and scum levels to determine if the system needs to be pumped out or not, as most systems need to be pumped out every 3-5 years, depending on use. 

For Conventional leach field type systems, we will inspect for no visible above ground discharge or leaks; because most of the system is completely buried, our inspection of these systems is usually very limited, but we can also offer probing of the distribution area to try to locate underground lines at an additional fee.

In some counties, when a lot is purchased with an on-site sewage treatment system, the environmental code compliance office requires an inspection to locate all the components and field lines in approximation to the property lines and any water sources, such as wells, ponds, ditches, etc. This is a service we can provide as well! Call Today!