What Makes SETX Home Inspections Stand Out

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What Makes SETX Home Inspections Stand Out

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About SETX Home Inspections

SETX specializes in home inspections, commercial property inspections, sellers inspections and new construction inspections across South East Texas, the Beaumont, Port Arthur, Lumberton, Vidor, and Orange areas. We provide our services at the client’s property that they are intending to buy or sell, so our office is technically on site!

Our company is two years old and over 125 inspections strong with March to October being our peak season. We continue growing as more and more customers refer us to their friends and family. We also attend continuing education to further expand our knowledge and understanding of the systems that make up a typical home. We would now like to earn our certification for wood destroying insects, as that is a separate license in the State of Texas.

The SETX Home Inspections Difference

The average customer usually doesn’t understand exactly what we are offering them, so we try to give them some insight and how important an inspection is. Most clients ask “how much do you charge for an inspection?” Here is where we begin to explain the driving factors for different pricing and such and ask about their property so we can give them a fair and all-inclusive quote.

We typically perform our inspections in the evenings, which works out for most clients because they have day jobs, which makes it hard for them to attend any portion of the inspection because they are working for the money that they need to buy the house, so most people really appreciate our flexibility. That’s what makes us stand out from the rest of our competition. Also, our services are exceptional as we have repeat customers and customers being referred by previous clients. That tells me they have faith and trust in our abilities to do a thorough and honest inspection.

One of our biggest achievements has been achieving our goal of over 100 inspections in our first two years of operation, as well as already having some repeat customers. Our dream for the future is to add more services that clients look for, such as energy conservation inspections and testing, estimation through insurance adjusting, etc.

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