What Makes SETX Home Inspections Stand Out

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What Makes SETX Home Inspections Stand Out

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About SETX Home Inspections

The state of Texas has licensed me as a Professional Home Inspector. I currently operate the business with the help of my wife who schedules appointments for me. I hope that one day my business grows enough to have our own employees.

We have been in this business for two years and operate primarily in the real estate buying and selling markets with most of my business coming from people purchasing homes. We also handle inspections for banks, insurance companies, investors, new home builders, general contractors, and the like.

We typically operate in what is known as the Golden Triangle, consisting of the Beaumont, Orange, and Port Arthur areas, but we have also performed inspections as far North as Wildwood, and as far West as Cypress, but typically in the locale of Southeast Texas around the greater Beaumont areas.

Our business is in a state of growth, and we’re continually learning and expanding our contact base and changing with the markets and regulations.

The SETX Home Inspections Difference

Our client base consists largely of customers looking to buy a house through someone they feel they can trust and get an honest and thorough inspection from, at a fair price. The reviews I have been getting speak for themselves, I am thorough, pay attention to detail, and take the time to educate my clients on the results of the inspection.

I am most proud that my business is exceeding my expectations. I didn’t know how it would grow; so many businesses fail within their first two years, but I’ve been blessed and am going strong. The key for me is that I have a regular day job and perform my inspections in the evenings and on weekends, so it isn’t my sole source of income. Moreover, people rarely have to miss work to be a part of the inspection process and get a first-hand look at what the inspection findings were.

What sets me apart from the rest of the competition is that once I’m done with the home inspection, I help people understand what they’re getting into. They learn the risks there may be and what their options are to mitigate those risks. I try to educate my clients as best as I can to ensure that they are armed with the correct knowledge to complete their home buying transaction. My business is also BBB Accredited, which I feel is important to convey my dedication to ensure my clients know I am committed to their satisfaction.

When I started the business, I had a goal of fifty houses in my first year. I exceeded it, having performed almost sixty inspections in my first year, and by the end of my second year, I had completed seventy inspections. My dream for the future is to continue to expand my business and offer more value-minded services to clients that will help them in home purchasing, construction, efficiency, and other areas.

For all that I have received, I believe I must give back to society, and as part of that belief, I am currently working with a local non-profit agency, Nutrition, and Services for Seniors, based out of Beaumont. We provide free inspection services for a new program that the organization has recently started to help repair the homes of seniors that were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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